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Proxy Buddy V2

Proxy Buddy - Proxy Scraper and Tester

Proxy Buddy is an award-winning proxy scanner and proxy tester. It allows to automatically and easily Scrape, Test, Filter and Export thousands of public proxy servers according to your requirements. The new one-click autopilot features allows to harvest and test thousands of proxy servers with just a single click.
You can export proxy lists that can be used with all major SEO software application and bots. A special google search test allows to test if the proxy server is able to scrape search engine result on google.

Index Buddy

Index Buddy - Bulk SEO Link Indexer

Index Buddy is a powerful and easy to use indexing software. It allows the to index single URLs, Website or Bulk Lists of URLs into major search engines like Google, Bing or Baidu. The indexing works by submitting your website or URLs to thousands of whois and statistics websites which result in many backlinks.

Index Buddy 1.0.3 - Bulk Link Indexer

Backlink Checker Free - Bulk Backlink Checker

Backlink Checker is a free and powerful tool to check if websites contains a specific link or keyword. That allows easy checking if a list of websites contain a link to your website (backlink).

Quick Traffic

Traffic Buddy - Website SEO Traffic Generator

Traffic Buddy is our newest tool that allows to send a huge amount of SEO traffic to your website. By using a real Chrome based browser it can generate thousand of website views per day. It can also simulate real user behavior like button clicks and scrolling. A new feature allows to execute custom javascript to perform actions like clicking a specific button or watching a HTML5 video.

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14 days money back guarantee

We always do our best to provide our customers the best possible experience. For that reason we offer a full 14 days money back guarantee for all our products.

Free Updates

All our products come with free life-time updates. That also includes new features that are regularly added to our software products as well as bug fixes.

Made in Germany

Our software is proudly made in Germany with lots of love and coffee.

Free Support

We offer free E-Mail based support for all of our product. If you have any question please feel free to contact us.

Virus scanned

All of our tools and programs are developed in house. That is why we can guarantee our software is free from any virus.

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GSoftwareLab is a German based software development company founded in 2012. Since then, we have been doing things differently and working closely with our clients to give them the best possible experience.
We are specialized in developing fast and reliable software for search engine optimization.

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I've never seen a proxy scraper that is so easy to use. I easily scrape 200.000 proxies in no time.


Everything is working as promised. The support is very fast and professional, thank you.


Thank you so much! Great program!!!! great program!

Marcus D.

Good seller and tools, thx.


Since I found Proxy Buddy I use it everyday. It's the fastest proxy tester I ever used!

Noah H.

Thanks for the great software!