03 Mar

Proxy Buddy Version

Version (03-03-2017)

  • [FIXED] Bug with Logfiles
  • [FIXED] Critical Bug & Minor Bugs
  • [ADDED] Button to manually update blocked ip database
  • [ADDED] Ability to use public or your own judge servers
  • [ADDED] Ability to create Sub-Tasks (Tasks that will be executed after the selected Task has been finished)
  • [ADDED] More Export functions in Tasks
  • [IMPROVED] Tasks overall
  • [UPDATED] IP-Country DB
  • [UPDATED] Blocked IP DB
17 Nov

Proxy Buddy Version

Proxy Scraper and Tester

Proxy Scraper and Tester with up to 200.000 built in proxy servers!

Version (11-17-2016)

Our first stable version of Proxy Buddy v2 is now available to you!

Thanks to all of our customers for your support.

  • [NEW] Version stepping (2.X.Y.Z)
    X – Big version step
    Y – Small version step
    Z – Bug, Hotfix and Improvments
  • [FIXED] Minor Bugs
  • [FIXED] Critical Bug in Settings load/save function
  • [ADDED] Enable/Disable fullrowselect
  • [ADDED] Buttons on upper right corner
  • [ADDED] Button to update proxy stats manually
  • [ADDED] Start with Windows feature
  • [ADDED] Automatical update checking
  • [ADDED] Tick/Untick SSL proxies
  • [IMPROVED] Some optical improvements on lists on GUI
  • [IMPROVED] Disabled fullrowselect on lists (default settings)
24 Jun

Backlink CheckR Free Edition – Out now!

Download Backlink CheckR for free!
Backlink CheckR Free Edition

Made for easy usage and Professional use!

Backlink CheckR is an revolutionary simple application to check if there are backlinks to your website on any entered URL(s).
Just input a list of URLs to check, enter your domain name and press start. After seconds you will get a list with websites that are linking to you!
The Free Edition is limited to 10 simultaneous threads, enough for private use .

Download it and get a free license from https://shop.gsoftwarelab.com/backlink-c…ition.html .

How to get a free license?

  1. Press on free download
  2. Register a new account
  3. Check your email for the license key


How to use Backlink CheckR?

  1. Enter your License key and press the activate button
  2. Enter a list of URLs you want to check (separated by newline) into the Input box, the URL count will increase
  3. Setup how many threads you want to use
  4. Enter the domain or any other parse that should be on the website
  5. Press the Check URLs button and watch the Output box


If you have any question please use the contact form on our website.