03 Mar

Proxy Buddy Version

Version (03-03-2017)

  • [FIXED] Bug with Logfiles
  • [FIXED] Critical Bug & Minor Bugs
  • [ADDED] Button to manually update blocked ip database
  • [ADDED] Ability to use public or your own judge servers
  • [ADDED] Ability to create Sub-Tasks (Tasks that will be executed after the selected Task has been finished)
  • [ADDED] More Export functions in Tasks
  • [IMPROVED] Tasks overall
  • [UPDATED] IP-Country DB
  • [UPDATED] Blocked IP DB
17 Nov

Proxy Buddy Version

Proxy Scraper and Tester

Proxy Scraper and Tester with up to 200.000 built in proxy servers!

Version (11-17-2016)

Our first stable version of Proxy Buddy v2 is now available to you!

Thanks to all of our customers for your support.

  • [NEW] Version stepping (2.X.Y.Z)
    X – Big version step
    Y – Small version step
    Z – Bug, Hotfix and Improvments
  • [FIXED] Minor Bugs
  • [FIXED] Critical Bug in Settings load/save function
  • [ADDED] Enable/Disable fullrowselect
  • [ADDED] Buttons on upper right corner
  • [ADDED] Button to update proxy stats manually
  • [ADDED] Start with Windows feature
  • [ADDED] Automatical update checking
  • [ADDED] Tick/Untick SSL proxies
  • [IMPROVED] Some optical improvements on lists on GUI
  • [IMPROVED] Disabled fullrowselect on lists (default settings)
12 Feb

Proxy Buddy Version 1.40

Proxy Buddy Version 1.40


Version 1.40 (02-12-2015)

  • [ADDED] Detailed list statistics
  • [ADDED] Exit window
  • [ADDED] Possibility to define custom Email body
  • [ADDED] Possibility to Limit sent and uploaded Proxies
  • [ADDED] Possibility to attach Proxies to mail or append them to body
  • [ADDED] New proxy source
  • [IMPROVED] Saving process
  • [IMPROVED] License activation
  • [IMPROVED] Multithreading
  • [FIXED] Major Bugs