Proxy Buddy Version 3.1.0

Proxy Buddy 3.1.0

We are excited to announce the release of Proxy Buddy Version 3.1.0! Proxy Buddy is a powerful tool that helps you manage and organize your proxies. If you’re not already using Proxy Buddy, you can find out more about it on our website.

This latest version of Proxy Buddy includes several improvements and new features that we think you’ll love. For starters, we’ve implemented multithreading, which means that Proxy Buddy can now perform multiple tasks simultaneously, making it faster and more efficient than ever before.

We’ve also made significant improvements to the Proxy Testing feature, which allows you to test your proxies to ensure they are working correctly. With Version 3.1.0, you can expect more accurate and reliable results.

Another exciting new feature in this release is socket-based requests. This feature allows you to make requests using sockets, improving the overall performance and reducing CPU usage significantly.

We’ve also added an Autopilot function that automatically downloads the source when missing, streamlining the process of using Proxy Buddy.

Proxy Buddy has been upgraded to .Net 6, which means you’ll get better performance and security with this latest version.

We’ve also made improvements to the documentation, making it easier for you to use Proxy Buddy effectively. Additionally, we’ve fixed some minor bugs and made improvements to the GUI to enhance the user experience.

We’re committed to making Proxy Buddy the best tool for managing and organizing your proxies, and we hope you’ll find these improvements helpful. You can download the latest version of Proxy Buddy from our website and start using these new features today. As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know.

Proxy Buddy Version 3.1.0 has been released today. Find out more about Proxy Buddy here.

Version 3.1.0 (2022/01/19)
[IMPROVE] Multi-threading
[IMPROVE] Proxy Testing
[IMPROVE] Socket-based requests
[IMPROVE] Performance & resource usage (heavily reducing CPU usage)
[IMPROVE] Autopilot function (Download Source when missing)
[IMPROVE] Upgrade to .Net 6
[IMPROVE] Documentation
[FIX] Minor bugs

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