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  • Backlink CheckR - automate your Backlink checking
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Automate your backlink checking NOW!


Backlink CheckR is an revolutionary simple application to check if there are links to your website on any entered URL(s) or parse.

Just input a list of URLs to check, enter your domain name and press start. After seconds you will get a list with websites that are linking to you!

The Lite edition is limited to 10 simultaneous threads, enough for private use.

The Pro edition is able to handle 1000 simultaneous threads, enough for the biggest business.

How to get a free Lite license?

  1. First press on the download button.
  2. After that you need to create a free account and check out with the demo software.
  3. Now you will get an email with your demo license key.

How to use Backlink CheckR?

  1. First, enter your license key and press the “Activate” button.
  2. Now you need to enter a list of URLs you want to check (separated by newline) into the textbox on the right side, the URL counter will go up now.
  3. Setup how many threads you want to use (More threads will increase the speed, but also increases the resources that are needed).
  4. Enter the domain name or any other parse (e.g. html link Keyword) that should be on the website.
  5. At least you just need to press the “Check URLs” button and after seconds you will get results that are shown in the right textbox. It contains all links that contain your url or parse.

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