Free Backlink &
Link Checking Software

Get Real-Time Backlink Insights with Our Free Backlink Checker

Real-Time Backlink Insights

Get Real-Time Backlink Insights with Our Free Backlink Checker.

The Backlink Checker is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that allows users to check if websites contain a specific string, such as a domain name or a keyword. This feature can be used to quickly and easily check for backlinks to your website, helping you track and analyze the quality and relevance of the links pointing to your site. With a simple and straightforward interface, the Backlink Checker is a powerful and essential tool for anyone looking to monitor and improve their website’s backlink profile.

Free Link and Backlink Checking Software
Automate your Backlink and Link checking.

Software Key Features

Key Features of our Backlink Checking Software Include:

Bulk & Mass List Support

The tool allows users to check multiple URLs at the same time, providing efficient and effective bulk/mass list support.

Multi-Threaded Checking

The Backlink Checker uses multiple threads to check URLs concurrently, improving the speed and efficiency of the checking process.

Easy to Use

With a simple and intuitive interface, the Backlink Checker is easy to use, even for users with no technical experience.

Custom String or Link Checking

In addition to checking for backlinks, the tool also allows users to check for any custom string or link, providing flexibility and customization.

Detailed Results

The Backlink Checker provides detailed results for each URL checked, including the number of backlinks found, their quality and relevance, and other important information. This allows users to easily analyze and track their website’s backlink profile.

100% Free

Our Backlink Checker is 100% Free for personal and commercial use.

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Free Link and Backlink Checking Software
Automate your Backlink and Link checking.

How to use the Free Backlink Checker?

  • 1. Enter a URL or a list of URLs into the input text field, separated by a new line.
  • 2. Adjust the maximum number of threads to use.
  • 3. Enter a domain name or any other string that should be contained in the URLs you entered.
  • 4. Click on the “Start Checking” button to begin the checking process.
  • 5. The URLs that contain your specified string will be displayed in the output text field, each on a separate line.

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