Proxy Buddy Version

Proxy Buddy v2 - Proxy Scraper & Checker
With the built in proxy source you get fresh proxies each and every day!
Proxy Scraper and Tester
Proxy Scraper and Tester with up to 200.000 built in proxy servers!

Version (03-03-2017)

  • [FIXED] Bug with Logfiles
  • [FIXED] Critical Bug & Minor Bugs
  • [ADDED] Button to manually update blocked ip database
  • [ADDED] Ability to use public or your own judge servers
  • [ADDED] Ability to create Sub-Tasks (Tasks that will be executed after the selected Task has been finished)
  • [ADDED] More Export functions in Tasks
  • [IMPROVED] Tasks overall
  • [UPDATED] IP-Country DB
  • [UPDATED] Blocked IP DB