Traffic Buddy Beta 0.0.3 Update

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Traffic Buddy Campaign Mode
Generate traffic quickly!
Campaign Mode
Campaigns make it easy to send traffic on a regular basis.
Proxy Settings
Traffic Buddy now fully supports Https,Https,Socks4 and Sock5 both with and without authentication.
Version 0.0.3 - 21.12.2020 | 2020/12/21 
[ADDED] Campaign Mode
[ADDED] Save / Load Campaings function
[ADDED] Public/Private Socks4 Support
[ADDED] Public/Private Socks5 Support
[ADDED] Load Proxies from file function
[ADDED] Pause function on Campaigns
[ADDED] Stop function on Quick Traffic
[ADDED] Global Pause Viewing
[ADDED] Support for Auto Play Youtube Videos
[ADDED] User Simulation Feature (Scroll to inner page Url's before clicking)
[ADDED] Manipulate Google Analytics Request
[ADDED] Manipulate Matomo Request
[UPDATED] Include public Proxies
[IMPROVED] Improved User Interfaceustom Referrer
[ADDED] Random delay
[ADDED] Check for Update
[FIXED] Bug when not using proxies