General Settings

First, you need to press on the Settings tab on the upper left of the program, you will now see a new page that show you the General Settings.

There are several configurations possible, we will explain them in the list below.

General Settings

Threads-Set the number of working threads (more = faster, but also more resource intensive)
Timeout-Set after how many seconds a proxy test should be canceled (e.g. server to slow)
Save Settings on exit-Save all of the program configuration on exit
Save Proxies on exit-Save all proxies to the internal DB on exit
Save Source on exit-Save all source to the internal DB on exit
Backup Proxies and Source every 30 minutes-Keeps a backup of the internal DB every 30 minutes (override older ones)
Enable Gridlines on Lists-Enables gridlines on proxy, source and task-list
Enable Debug-Mode-Logs a little bit more (only experts)
Send Proxies to GSL-Sends Proxies to GSL servers to be used for further purposes
Activate PRO Version-If you own the pro version but you currently use the lite version press this button for entering your new license key
Buy PRO Version-Opens our shop page

-Shows a new window with the latest program changes


Proxy Test Settings

Test for Google Search Pass (US)-Checks if proxy pass google search
Test Proxy Anonymity-Checks the anonymity of the proxy server
Get Proxy Server location-Checks the location of the proxy server
Check HTTPS Support-Checks if proxy supports SSL
Automatically remove Duplicates-Remove duplicates from your list automatically
Automatically remove invalid Proxies-Remove proxies that seems like to be garbage
Use Public Proxy Judge-Ability to use your own proxy judges

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