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In order to change settings and apply modifications, you need to press on the Settings tab on the upper right option of settings as shown:

Setting img#1
Settings 4

On click, you will now see a new page that show you the Settings as shown

Setting img#2
Settings 5

On this page, you can apply any of the changes as described below

Threads Set the number of working threads
(more = faster, but also more resource intensive)
Timeout in millisecondsSet after how many milliseconds a test should be canceled. i.e.: for setting 3000 means it will take 3 seconds to cancel a test.
Limit Backlinks per URLThis will allow you to change the number of backlinks to be generated per URL,
i.e., from 500(by default) to 50

If you have done any of the changes, you need to save theses changes by clicking on Apply Changes button as shown:

Setting img#3
Settings 6
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