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Index img#1

The next process you need to follow is click on the Index option. Here you two options will be shown to you

  • Index all links (If you have more than one URLs pasted here, Also you want to index all of them, you can select it).
  • Index selected links (If you need to index any of the links so you can select it by simply click on it, then you can use this option).

After clicking i.e. Index selected links you will see the process will start according to the settings configuration you have set for URLs to be indexed. Then the indexing you will see according to default or your changed setting will be showing to you as shown in figure.

Index img#2

You can also Index all links, if you have import more than one links and you want to index them all, then you need to select “Index all links” option in this case. So, those all links will start to be indexed as shown:

Index img#3

Now in order to save all the backlinks generated. The next step you will have to export them.

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