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Export img#1

Here, in order to export the indexed links, you need to select the link and click on export. Then there are several options for export will appear as shown above. On clicking any of the options i.e. (Export Backlinks as as Textfile), then save the file in your device as shown below.

Export img#2
Export img#3

After saving it, you can now see your backlinks generated as shown.

Export img#4

As mentioned, you can select any of the file type in the given options so have a look at “Export Report as CSV”.

Export img#5
Export img#6
Export img#7
Export img#8
Export img#9

Now you can check your CSV (excel) saved report. You can also save indexed URLs by selecting any of the other given options i.e. (Export Backlinks to Clipboard, Export Links to Clipboard, Export Links as Text file).

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